Shozy Zero IEMs

Some time ago I received a package in the mail inside of which was a small bag with a pair of IEMs and a note to burn them in for 100 hours with orchestral music. The IEMs turned out to be the Shozy Zero, from the maker of the Alien DAP.  Very small with wood and metal housings and in-built cable (which uses high-quality wire according Shozy) their only negative is the rubbery outer sheath of the cable which makes it tangle easily and transmits a bit of noise.

Shozy Zero

The first time I listened to the Shozy Zero, knowing nothing about them, I was very pleasantly surprised at the good, and fairly evenly-balanced sound, and general lack of any unpleasantness. After burn-in, the sound is more on the warm side of things with a noticeably stronger bass presence, but it keeps its sweet treble and good mids, making them, in my opinion, excellent all-rounders, and worth pairing with a good DAP. One of the best things about them is that the stock tips work perfectly with them. I tried switching in my usual alternatives — Spinfits and JVC Spiral Dots, but each messed up the nicely balanced sound. The only sonic negative I could find was that they aren’t so pleasant to listen with at louder volumes.

Shozy Zero

Overall, this has put them way above any pair of $50 IEMs I’ve tried (excepting the Meze 11 Neo) and made them good enough to slip them into a pocket for daily carry duty.