TheBit AudioOpus Opus #3

The Bit Opus #3 Quick Review

If there is a country that has become famous for DAPs – portable Digital Audio Players, then it would be Korea. Iriver blew up the market starting with the AK100, and now the SP1000 as their latest flagship. This has seen a number of manufacturers follow in their footsteps, the latest of which is The Bit. Under the “Audio Opus” brand, they have released three DAPs, of which the Opus #3 is the latest. Slightly confusingly, it sits between the base model Opus #1, and high-end model Opus #2.

I did a deal with a friend of mine, known as Hawaiibadboy on Head-Fi, to do a swap and review, with me sending him the Calyx M.

While not as polished or full-featured as other players, the Opus #3 sports a unique Android-based interface and pleasant, if not the smoothest warm-sounding presentation. Watch my video for the full review.