Roon Audeze Presets

Audeze Announces Custom Presets for Roon Software

Roon Audeze Presets

If you have a pair of Audeze headphones, specifically the LCD-X, LCD-3 or LCD-4, and Roon, there are now presets for these models inside the preferences. From the Roon Knowledge Base:

Audeze presets apply carefully designed calibration filters specific to the selected Audeze headphone model. The filters were designed to provide an optimal and natural listening experience, similar to a pair of tonally neutral reference monitors in a well treated room.

The calibration filters were derived through a combination of measurements and critical listening. The calibration filters are FIR filters, and are processed through Roon’s convolution engine. Each preset has the calibration filters for all commonly used sample rates 44,1kHz to 768kHz to avoid resampling the calibration filters.