Audio-gd R2R 2

Audio-gd announces the R2R 2 DAC

Audio-gd R2R 2

Sitting in Audio-gd’s mid-sized chassis, the R2R 2 is the 4th ladder DAC announced by the Chinese company. Given its size and price, it is likely to replace the Singularity 19, which received mixed impressions.

Compared to the Singularity 19, the R2R 2 uses dual DA8 resistor ladder boards that have an FPGA per channel with code that compensates for the lack of linearity inherent in resistor ladder designs.

When asked about whether there would be mid- and full-sized combination DAC/amps like the NFB-28 and Master 11 using the resistor ladder modules, Kingwa stated that the modules were too large to fit in combo designs, so an amp would have to be purchased to use with them. Presently Audio-gd is offering the C2 amp with the R2R 2 for a discount.