Schiit Audio Magni 3

Schiit Audio announces the Magni 3

In a long chapter post in the Schiit Happened thread on Head-Fi, Jason Stoddard announced the Magni 3, replacing both the standard and Uber models with a much better circuit and pressed aluminium casework which brings the price down to the Magni and Magni 2’s $99. The pressed case will also adorn the Modi 2 and Vali 2, the latter of which has dropped in price. Quite interestingly, the Magni 3 topology is essentially the same as the Vidar amp. Jason’s summary was post was thus:

In case it gets buried, to summarize, today we:

1. Introduced Magni 3, a $99 fully-discrete, fully-complementary, current-feedback headphone amp and preamp, for $99, bringing better-than-Magni-2-Uber-functionality-and-performance to a price point $50 less. If you ordered a Magni 2 or Uber in the last 30 days, contact and they’ll get you taken care of with swaps, refunds, or both.
2. Changed the top of the Modi 2 to aluminum to match the Magni 3, since it is frequently stacked with that product, reaping huge sonic benefits (just kidding, this is a cosmetic change, and if you need a steel-top one, just ask.)
3. Lowered the price for Vali 2 to $149, reflecting new production efficiencies and making it an even better bargain. Again, contact if you got one from us in the last 30 days, and we’ll take care of you.