Orbit Deloop Audiophile Headphone Case

While reading through the Chord Hugo 2 thread on Head-Fi, I came across a picture of a neat headphone case, prompting me to find out more. What I discovered was the Orbit Concepts Deloop Audiophile headphone case, basically a larger version of their headphone case for DJs.

For around $60, it might sound a bit pricy for a case, but it is well-made and packed with features, so the price doesn’t seem unreasonable considering the cost of many of the headphones it will fit.

From the outside, the Deloop Audiophile uses robust materials, including ballistic nylon. A nice touch is that the zip is a water-sealing model that I’m used to seeing on premium bags. There are loops for an included shoulder strap and an outside pouch where you can put a phone and charge it via a pass-through hole for a USB cable.



Moving to the inside, the lid contains small pouches in the upper middle, suitable for small cables or adaptors. Below those are three elastic pouches, the right-hand most two fingers wide for a small charging battery; the middle, four-finger wide which will fit most DAPs; and a left-hand pouch a mirror of the right-hand one. These pouches have elastic pockets on the front that are about the right size to hold SD cards.

What is neat about this arrangement is that the left and middle pouches are separated by velcro, so you can combine them to fit something large, such as a Hugo 2! The only problem there is that if you have quite large headphones, such as Audeze or MrSpeakers planars in there, the case bulges while closed as the DAP presses up against the headphones. A full Hugo 2 + planar arrangement just isn’t going to fit neatly if the pouches are used.


However if the lid pouches are just used for cables the case still presents plenty of possibilities for use, including as a camera bag.  I bought this one for use when going to the Tokyo headphone festivals so I can carry full-sized headphones to test with equipment, something that is otherwise very inconvenient.

Overall this case was a pretty good find and one that I wanted to share.