Campfire Audio Announced Atlas & Comet IEMs

Speaking to Ken Ball of Campfire Audio about his IEMs, he has had to face two particular dilemmas: The first is that with the astounding success of his flagship Andromeda and Vega IEMs, how do you improve upon them? The second is: How do you stop people blatantly ripping off the design to make cheap imitations? With his models, he plans to answer both of those questions.

The models come at both ends of their range. The Comet is a single, full-range balanced-armature IEM. Despite being only $199 it features a custom 3D chamber, litz wire cable or an optional 3-button microphone cable for smart phone users.

The Atlas upgrades from the Vega’s 8.5mm dynamic driver to a larger 10mm¬†Amorphous Diamond-Like Carbon type driver. The default cable is also upgraded to pure silver.

Both IEMs have drop-forged, machined and polished stainless steel bodies and will begin shipping on May 1st, 2018.

Look out for reviews of these IEMs in the future.