FiiO FA7 Quad-Balanced Armature IEMs Unboxed

FiiO is soon to announce their latest pair of IEMs and we have the exclusive. The FA7 features a quad of high-quality Knowles drivers per side, embedded in a 3D printed shell made from high-transparency, medical grade German resin.

A variety of shells will be available, each with a nature-based design.

Much like the FH5 IEMs (recently reviewed by both myself and Brooko) the FA7 is high-quality throughout, including a silver-plated monocrystalline copper cable, and a carrying hard case and pouch.

As well as the standard “balanced” models, ear tips for “vocals” and “bass” are included alongside foam and bi-flange ones.

The FA7 have a 23 Ohm impedance and 110dB/mW sensitivity and are expected to retail for $299.99.

Check out my unboxing video above to see for yourself what they look like.