March 2019 Live Stream now online

During this month’s live stream I had some great questions from patrons, as well as from people who joined in on the chat while watching. Patron questions are listed below.

William Ng
Hi Amos, for your own money on a DAC, will you spend on A-GD R7/8, ifi pro idsd, Schiit Yggy, Chord Hugo 2/Qutest…. thanks mate

A friend of mine once owned a DAP that sounded wonderful (used a multibit ladder dac iirc) but the usb drivers worked only on WIndows XP so he had to keep a spare machine to be able to upload music to it. What is the quirkiest, most troublesome to use or just the weirdest gear that you have used or owned?

Alok J
While I listen to most music streaming off Tidal HiFi and Spotify Premium, I do have an offline library with DSD, FLAC etc for some of my older stuff, plus looking for better recordings of my favorite music. Its hard to keep this offline library up to date and then to make sure the Synalogy NAS runs smoothly. Your thoughts on a good way to find better recordings of playlists I have curated on Tidal/Spotify and how to keep such libraries alive and updated

Have you considered adding a measurement ruler when you take pictures?

I have recently been looking at DC blockers (blocks DC in mains) as an alternative to power conditioning (reduces differential noise in mains), so my question is too do with power.
Question: assume an average home during peak hours, for an audio device with toroidal transformers in the power supply, would you say a DC blocker is overall more useful than a power conditioner?

How about an investigation into ethernet? Routers, Modems, Switches and cabling? There are many “New and Improved” pieces of gear coming to market, some at 8-10 time their current prices.