April 2019 Live Stream Q&A.

This month I had a number of good questions from supporters and people who dropped in to watch. Some of the questions I addressed were:

“Can you generally compare the sound of a dynamic headphone with a planar and a electrostatic. About the characteristic of the bass, mid and treble, soundstage and imaging.”

“What do you think about the new Sony’s house sound? (Boosted mid bas and a strange boost at 6 to 8k without boosting the treble). And how is Sony in Japan? Do people in Japan like Sony or not?”

“If you had 1000 -1500 to spend on a amp to partner with a recent model Yggy , what qualities would you be looking for. I’m not asking specifically for make and model, though that would be fine, but more about what qualities would you be looking for in a paring for that specific DAC. Also, maybe even more meta that that, what is your thought process when listening to gear by which you make these kinds of decisions?”

“For me, in terms of soundstage, very few earphones and headphones I’ve tried (admittedly I haven’t tried many headphones) have a center image that sounds like it is in front of me. Even the largest of soundstages sounds stretched horizontally but any sounds in the center image sound stuck in my head or at best, really close to my face. I’m wondering if you’ve heard any portable gear with a strong center image that goes out of your head.”

“What is your recommendation for cheep power regenerator , or is there a cheep way to do it without spending thousands?”