Sennheiser Announces a Split of their Consumer Division

The Sennheiser brothers, Andreas and Daniel, stated in an announcement posted today, that they intend to spin off their consumer division into a separate company.

The headphone market and the soundbar business in Consumer Electronics offer great growth potential – despite a highly dynamic market and strong competitive pressure. This is especially the case for the true wireless headphone market.  Our products stand for the best sound and a unique audio experience. These are crucial factors at the heart of the purchasing decision for our customers in the Premium Headphones, Audiophile, Enhanced Hearing and Soundbars segments. Together with a partner, we want to build upon these strengths. In addition, it is crucial to increase the visibility of Sennheiser products in the market in order to participate in sustainable growth. 

A partnership for the Consumer business enables us to focus our own energy and resources on strengthening the Pro Audio, Business Communications and Neumann business units. Here, we plan to independently invest in our sound competence as well as in our market presence and visibility to continue to grow at an above-average rate and expand our strong position in the global market. 

Sennheiser has four divisions, Pro Audio, Business Communications, Neumann, and Consumer Electronics, each of which has different types of customers, product life-cycles and different demands on their business. With an intent to focus primarily on the professional market, this could see a major shake-up in a brand that re-defined high-end headphones multiple times over the past decades with the HD600 series, as well as the HD800.