Schiit Audio announces the Loki Mini+ equaliser

Schiit Audio, in a chapter on Head-Fi, announced an upgrade to their existing, and quietly popular, Loki Mini equaliser. The 4-band inline Loki Mini+ EQ goes between a source and amplifier and provides adjustment of +/-12dB at 20Hz and 8kHz, and +/-6dB at 400Hz and 2kHz. These frequencies were chosen by Schiit Audio through listening experience.

The upgraded Loki Mini+ includes a 2-stage power supply, as well as an improved driver stage with 10-15dB lower distortion, the result of a switch to the matched, paired components that are used in the Magni 3+ headphone amplifier.

For a visual look at the effect of the EQ adjustments, Schiit Audio provides an APx555 measurement report which shows the following images for the adjustments.

Also announced was a yet-unnamed product that would be an “all out assault” on high-end EQ solutions, though not as expensive as the $25,000 (in 1989 money) Cello Audio Palette, the Loki Max or Lokiest or whatever they call it will be a full line-level product with 15-16dB of boost per channel and high-end features such as “custom-designed, microprocessor-controlled relay potentiometers”.

Schiit Audio Lokiest or Loki Max prototype.