Jason Stoddard of Schiit Audio Drops the List of 2021 Products Going Into Production

Jason Stoddard's post listing the products going into production in 2021

Jason Stoddard of Schiit Audio has posted a list showing just how crazy things are going to be for his company, now in its 11th year.

Another update: gonna be a crazy year. Tyr (AKA biggus ampius) released to production, as well as Loki Max and Folkvangr (10 tube headphone amp), and another one on the inexpensive end of things, and Urd beta now in production, and a couple other things. Plus next week. And a couple weeks after that.

Buckle. The. ****. Up.

(Standard disclaimers apply: things may be delayed due to my incompetence/supply chain/aliens/more COVIDs/meteors or other end-of-the-world scenarios, whatever.)

This is the first we’ve heard of the Tyr, which is likely a larger speaker amplifier (given that the Ragnarok doesn’t need any more power for headphones).  The Schiit Loki Max we’ve mentioned before. It’s a dedicated, high-quality EQ.

Schiit Folkvangr prototype from 2020

However, the Folkvangr is a an amp we’ve seen hinted at before. With 10 tubes, Jason suggested it would be 10x the cost of a Vali 2, making it the most expensive headphone amp they sell.. Given that that some Schiit tube amp customers have a reputation for spending more on tubes than the cost of the amp, 10 tubes will give plenty of opportunity for wallet decimation. 

Lastly, the Schiit Urd CD transport has been shown in the live streams. While it does seem unusual to be releasing a CD transport, given the move towards streaming services, many audiophiles prefer owning physical media. Uniquely, the URD will have a version of Schiit’s Unison USB as an output, specifically designed to connect to their DACs.

All in all, it looks to be an exciting year for Schiit Audio.