Qobuz announcement banner

Qobuz Launches in 6 New Countries

Qobuz announcement banner

Qobuz has announced the launch of their services in 6 new countries. Sweden, Norway, Denmark, Finland, Australia and New Zealand will now be able to get the benefits of high-res streaming up to 14/192 in those countries. 

Originally launched in 2007, Qobuz was limited to United Kingdom, the Netherlands, Germany, Italy and Spain, only expanding to the United States in 2019.

Uniquely for a streaming service, it offers streaming rates up to 24/192 with the option to stream at reduced rates on the Qobuz Studio or Qobuz Sublime+ services, the latter of which includes a discount on the purchase of high-res music. 

The expansion of Qobuz comes at a time of some shake-up of the streaming services industry, with Spotify announcing a “lossless” tier to be released soon, and TIDAL, facing criticism for streaming non-lossless music to subscribers under the MQA tag, being suddenly sold to Stripe, the well-known payment service.