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Deezer hints at future Roon integration

Quote from Deezer staff on their forums

On Deezer’s English forums, a member of Deezer’s staff has replied to a three-year-old topic asking for Deezer integration with Roon’s music library management and playback software. 

From the forum post:

Hi everyone, 

Our developers confirmed they’re interested in developing this integration, however, we can only consider it after updating our existing SDKs – which is a project undergoing during the course of 2021. Stay tuned for further updates by subscribing to the topic, if you haven’t done so. Thank you for your support!

Roon software allows any combination of devices and integrated services to be streamed from a single library across one’s home (or office) network to compatible devices, which can include Squeezbox and Airplay support. 

Roon is popular among dedicated audiophiles, despite its relatively steep annual cost due to the tight integration it has with services such as TIDAL and Qobuz, allowing one to seamlessly search and play back music from one’s own library as well as the streaming services as if they were a single library on one’s computer.

As such, integration with a music service requires extensive work by Roon’s engineers and the service to meet Roon’s high standards of functionality, something Spotify has refused to do. 

The possible integration with Deezer, which has a lossless music tier and a large music catalog is highly appealing to Roon users. Some Roon users do not, or do not want to use TIDAL due to their controversial labelling of unaltered music as MQA, and suspected down-sampling of MQA processed music as normal, unaltered files for people not using the Master tier.

The addition of Deezer would also bring a larger catalog of music to Roon users, as Deezer is the largest of the dedicated, music-only streaming services, with over 7 million subscribers. Of the lossless music providers, it is only 2nd behind Amazon music, at least until Spotify and Apple begin to offer lossless music.