Enleum AMP-23R

Bakoon International re-launches as Enleum

Enleum AMP-23R

Bakoon International, a Korean company famous for their amps that were based on technology pioneered by Bakoon Japan, has re-launched their brand as Enleum.

Bakoon International was most well-known for the AMP-11R and its successor, the AMP-12R, which used current gain technology, as well as high-impedance outputs for driving headphones. The amps gained a reputation for quality around the world, something Bakoon Japan never sought, as they didn’t attempt to sell their products outside of Japan.

With the re-launch, Enleum has launched a successor speaker and headphone integrated amplifier, the AMP-23R. Like the Bakoon amps (and other brands such as Krell and Audio-gd) the AMP-23R has an optional current-mode connection system for connecting components, which they have named the ENLINK.

By transmitting the signal in current mode, rather than voltage mode, it potentially lowers distortion. Using 75-Ohm connectors, and a 75 Ohm cable, the signal quality can be improved further still, without the need of expensive cables, something I’ve witnessed at a demonstration put on by Bakoon Japan some years ago.

Enleum AMP-23R

However, at present, other than products from Bakoon Japan, there doesn’t yet exist an ecosystem of products which use the Enlink connection system. 

The AMP-23R retails for $5000, for which Enleum are currently taking a 10% deposit. Uniquely, the amp is available with special damping feet for an extra $500. Power and other specifications are as yet unavailable.