Schiit Audio ESSTech ES9028 DAC card with Unison USB

Schiit Audio announces ES-based DAC cards

Schiit Audio ESSTech ES9028 DAC card with Unison USB

Jason Stoddard of Schiit Audio has announced that the previous AK4490-based DAC cards available in the Asgard, Jotunheim and Lyr will be replaced with a new card, based around the ES9028 DAC chip. 

What is more, these cards will come with Schiit Audio’s Unison USB implementation and will have a USB-C socket instead of the previous full-size USB-B socket.

The module can be switched between balanced and single-ended output, depending on the product it is installed into. 

From the post: 

The ES9028 is used in current-out mode with differential I/V conversion via the LME49724, for true balanced input to the Jotunheim, plus switchable summing to for undiminished performance when used in single-ended products.

As before, the ES9028 DAC card costs $150 on its own and requires installation by someone qualified with electronics, or is $100 if purchased with a product in which it can be installed.