Audeze offering trade-in program for LCD-5 from LCD-4 or 4z

Audeze announced on Head-Fi that owners of the LCD-4 or 4z can, depending on age, condition, and source trade them in for a new pair of LCD-5s, until November 30, 2021. Additionally, Audeze stated in a later post that the traded-in models will be offered for sale as “certified refurbished” from Audeze at a future date.

(Note that due to the odd list formatting that resulted from inserting the original post, it has been re-formatted slightly here.)

LCD5 trade-in program Oct 4, 2021. This offer expires Nov 30, 2021.

Trade in your LCD-4 or 4z for a new pair of LCD-5s using one of the four options below. The headphones being traded in must have all original accessories including travel case and cable, and all returns are subject to our inspection and approval. Customer pays shipping/duty to us; we pay return shipping.

  1. Trade in your new-ish LCD-4 or LCD-4z purchased directly from Audeze or Audeze Amazon (not dealers or other sellers on Amazon) in the last 90 days – Your cost for new LCD-5 – $500 (Trade-in value $4000).
  2. Trade in your new-ish LCD-4 or LCD-4z purchased from an authorized North American Audeze dealer in the last 90 days – Your cost for new LCD-5 – $800 (Trade in value – $3700). Does not apply outside North America – contact your local distributor to see if they have a program.
  3. Trade in your B stock LCD-4 or LCD-4z purchased in the last 90 days for new LCD-5 – Your cost – $1,500 (Trade-in value – $3000). Valid if purchased from any authorized dealer.
  4. Trade in any LCD-4 or LCD4-z ever purchased for new LCD-5 – $2500 (Trade-in value – $2000). Valid if purchased from Audeze or any authorized dealer.
  5. Before the LCD-5s are shipped, we must receive both payment of the balance due and the LCD-4s being traded in. Once inspected and paid in full, we will release the order for shipping.
  6. After receipt of the LCD-5s, the customer has a 10 day evaluation period in which to begin a return if they are not satisfied. NO returns or refunds will be allowed after 10 days from receipt.
    1. Customers returning for full refund will be credited the amount paid for the trade-up, and have their LCD-4 or 4z returned to them at our expense. Shipping the LCD-5s back to us will be at customer expense.
    2. Customers who want to keep their LCD-5 and get their LCD-4 or 4z back will be billed for the amount they were discounted before we ship the headphones back.
  7. To take advantage of this offer, contact and supply us with the serial number of your LCD-4 or 4z, your shipping address and phone number, and proof of purchase. You will be supplied with an RMA number and return shipping instructions. After Audeze receives the unit, give us about a week to examine it to be sure it’s acceptable for this trade-up program. If it’s not accepted, we’ll ship the unit back to you at our expense. If it is accepted, you’ll be contacted for payment.

The fine print: Original cables only – we don’t want aftermarket cables. There is no additional credit given for aftermarket cables or modifications to the LCD4. If there is serious damage or they have divots like Adam Sandler played golf with them, don’t bother sending them in. Serial number must be intact. This is a limited time offer – it expires November 30, 2021.

Note: international sales do not include any duty or taxes – the customer is responsible for those and will be billed by the carrier upon entry to your country. Audeze reserves the right to refuse or modify any trade-in deal at any time.