HiFiMan Edition XS Headphones

HiFiMan Announces the Edition XS

HiFiMan Edition XS Headphones

Back in 2016, HiFiMan released the Edition X headphones which, at $1299, used much of the design of the $3000 HE1000, but with a diaphragm that was easier to drive. The Edition X, and the subsequent Mark II version became a popular alternative to the Sennheiser HD800, as well as the Audeze LCD-X, LCD-XC and MrSpeakers headphones available at the time.

Further down in the range, the Sundara became something of a standard, despite its industrial look, as even though the original retail price was $500, they are now available at $350, and provide a great deal of resolution for what they are asking, not far behind the $700 or so competitors that I’ve tried.

So, it is definitely with interest that for less than the retail price of the original Sundaras, HiFiMan has announced the Edition XS at only $429.99, roughly a third the price of the original Edition X!

Equipped with two of HiFiMan’s latest technologies, the Neo Ultra-Thin Diaphragm and Stealth Magnet system, this is the cheapest we’ve seen a HE1000-sized HiFiMan headphone. The Hifiman Edition XS can be purchased¬†here¬†(affliate link).