FiiO Q7 Specifications Announced

FiiO has announced the details of their new Q7 portable DAC and headphone amplifier at the 2022 Autumn Launch Event. 

The Q7, like the M17, sports the same THX AAA 788 amplifier + ES9038PRO DAC hardware of the M17, but instead of using a full Android system, 1.3 inch full-color display that shows the sample rate and other settings, much like the BTR7. This means that the Q7 will be controllable via the FiiO app on a smart phone or any full-Android device. 

One of the unique features of the M17 is the Enhanced Over-Ear Mode, which, with DC power plugged in, allowed the power output to be doubled to 3000 mW (@32 Ohms) from the balanced outputs. This feature is carried over into the Q7, making it essentially a desktop component, with comparable performance. However, like the 5lb (2.3kg) M17, it’s at the limit of portability with it’s size and presumed weight.

While the 4 outputs are the same as the M17, including line-out options, in lieu of the second USB that is on the M17, the Q7 sports a full-size Toslink optical input, which joins the full-size coaxial S/PDIF and USB-C inputs. For Bluetooth, the Q7 features the latest codecs, including the new APTx Adaptive.

Recent promotional photos of the Q7 show it with a variety of accessories. Like the M17, a desktop stand with cooling fan, leather case, and DC adaptor are included. Additionally, short USB cables will be included to make it easy to use the Q7 with a smartphone or similar digital transport, such as another DAP.

The only feature missing which I would have liked to see is an analog input for the amplifier.

Expected in October 2022, the retail price of the Q7 will be $749.99 USD, a full $1,050 cheaper than the M17. With a full desktop rig consisting of a similarly performing DAC and amp costing up to double that of the Q7, I’m predicting that the Q7 will be quite popular.