Shenzen Audio sale 2022-11

Shenzen Audio Up to 20% Off 11.11 Sale

Shenzen Audio sale 2022-11

Shenzen Audio, a long established reseller of Chinese audio brands, is having their “Double 11” sale this month.  As an authorised seller of many brands, and with a 30-day return policy, buying through them is safe. They are one of the few retailers that has their own store of product manuals and drivers for the products they sell.

Note that buying through these links, may earn a commission, but only if the product isn’t returned.

60+ brands at the best deals so far:

TOPPING: Get up to 20% off models like EX5, G5, DX1, D90SE, A90, E50, L50, DX5, etc.

SMSL: Up to 15% off models like SU-10, SU-9N, SU-9, A300, SH-9, and M400, etc.

MOONDROP: Up to 15% off models like Stellaris, KATO, MOONRIVER 2, Variations, Blessing2, etc

Gustard: 15% off models like R26, U18, X26 PRO, and X18, etc.

xDuoo: 15% off models like TA series, XD05 series, MT series, etc.

TANCHJIM: 15% off everything

Shanling: More than 15% off models like UA2 Plus, UP5, EM5, ME800, Players, etc.

The collab items enjoy up to 20% off, like Truthear x Crinacle ZEROFIIO x Crinacle FHE!

SingxerYulong7HZSoftearsLittle Dot , LADDER, and etc: Up to 15% off