Meze Liric 2 vs DCA E3 – Which are the best high-end closed-backed headphones?

When it comes to high-end portable audio, there are two new contenders, the Dan Clark Audio (DCA) E3, and Meze Liric 2. But which are best headphones for portable high-end audio? It’s not always clear, so I ran them through audio gear ranging from the best USB “dongle” DACs up to high-end DACs and amps.

You can buy the DCA E3 from Audio46, which supports my work.

You can buy the Meze Liric 2 from Meze direct, or APOS, which supports my work as well.

Other products mentioned in the video: (Affiliate links)
Chord Hugo 2 (Audio46)
Woo Audio Tube Mini (Audio46)
Cayin RU6 (Audio46)