Amos Barnett, also known as Currawong, is a well-known audio reviewer and content creator on Head-Fi and YouTube. Originally from Australia, he is based in Japan and has been writing about and reviewing audio equipment for over a decade and a half. His reviews cover a wide range of audio products, including headphones, headphone amplifiers, and portable audio equipment.

Amos is known for his thorough and detailed reviews, as well as his ability to explain technical concepts in a clear and understandable way. He is also respected for his objectivity and honesty in his reviews, and is often sought out for his opinions on the latest audio products.

Amos joined Head-Fi in 2008 seeking out a better pair of headphones than the old, but still good MB Quart model he’d been using for 15 years. Delving deep into the hobby, he was eventually asked to moderate, then become an administrator of the forums, a role from which he has since retired.

Amos’ background in science — many of his relatives were scientists — his father was a behaviour scientist, his uncle wrote a definitive encyclopaedia of yeasts, and other relatives were involved in science publications, genetics, and other forms of research — exposed him to science and the principles behind scientific research.

Amos himself worked at Australia’s National Science and Technology Centre and also spent many years working with computers in one way or another.

Amos considers ethics to be most important. “I know that manufacturers respect me for my ethics when I review products. Giving as clear an explanation as possible about a product so that someone can get an idea whether to buy it or not I consider to be very important. A customer that buys a product because of a purely glowing review and then dislikes it is not just of no benefit to a manufacturer, but bad for them, as they are likely to be vocal in their displeasure. The honest manufacturers out there understand this and wish only people who will enjoy their products to buy them, respecting reasoned and balanced reviews. This is what I aim to provide.”

Primary System

Digital transports
  • Mac Mini 2012 i7 Roon Library
  • MacBook Pro M2 with HQPlayer
  • Raspberry Pi with DietPi 
  • Kitsune SU-1 USB Audio Bridge
  • PS Audio Power Plant Premier
  • Audio-gd filtered power board

Current and former gear list