Hi, I’m Amos, otherwise known online as “Currawong” online. In 2008 I joined Head-Fi because I wanted better headphones than the pair I’d been using for the last 15+ years. I ended up as one of the administrators of the forums, not only learning for myself, but helping many other people find what they needed to be able to enjoy listening to music.

You can read many of my reports on the Fujiya Avic headphone festivals in Tokyo in the Meets forum on Head-Fi.

With my background in science (I’ve helped or worked on and off at Australia’s National Science and Technology Centre since I was in elementary/primary school, as well as my family consisting of biological and behavioural scientists) and equally long background with computers and technology both as a hobby and as work (such as running MacTalk Australia and working in well-known computer retailers) I have a lot to draw upon when considering the merits of a product, not just whether I like it or not.

What is more, it is great to be able to get direct feedback from people about both products and my reviews of them, so that I can improve what I do.

I am indebted to friends, distributors and manufacturers who have lent or given me a sample of their product so that I can review them.  About the latter, I have no problem disclosing where a review item came from. While there have been various comments about getting gear for free, in my case, I have bought all that I want or need to use for my own listening enjoyment, so anything more doesn’t benefit me. At best anything I have here can be used for future comparisons, and at worst takes up space, and might use power if it is something that needs regular charging, or costs me in shipping if a friend wants to borrow it.

Review samples that don’t require return, and are no longer of use, I give away.

Most importantly, I know that manufacturers respect me for my ethics when I review products. Giving as clear an explanation as possible about a product so that someone can get an idea whether to buy it or not I consider to be very important. A customer that buys a product because of a purely glowing review and then dislikes it is not just of no benefit to a manufacturer, but bad for them, as they are likely to be vocal in their displeasure. The honest manufacturers out there understand this and wish only people who will enjoy their products to buy them, respecting reasoned and balanced reviews. This is what I aim to provide.

Primary System

Digital transports
  • Mac Mini 2012 i7 Roon Library
  • iFi Zen Stream
  • Kitsune SU-1 USB Audio Bridge
  • Raspberry Pi 3B with DietPi or Volumio.
  • PS Audio Power Plant Premier
  • Audio-gd power board with filters

Current and former gear list